Stimulating Milk Flow

If a mom has difficulty with expressing only, assisting in stimulating the flow of milk often helps.

1. Massage:

(a) Start at the top of the breast – press finger pads firmly towards the chest, moving fingers in a circular motion on one spot on the skin.

(b) After several seconds, move to the next area of the breast - spiraling around breast towards the areola.

2. Stroke: Stroke the breast from the top of the chest to the nipple with a light tickle-like stroke, eventually circling the whole breast, (this helps with relaxation and will help stimulate the milk rejection reflex).

3. Shake: Shake both breasts, leaning forward so gravity will help!

Rotating expression with "massage, stroke, shake" method for 2 to 3 times will generally increase milk output.

This "massage, stroke, shake" method can be used in conjunction with any type of breast pump. Both breasts can be done simultaneously as comfort level increases, taking less time to complete.