NRP 7th Edition Part 2--- 08- 1200 Pm

NRP 7th Ed.  Part 2 - Instructor Led Event Evaluation Session

Mon, Jul 22, 2019
08:00:00 am -  12:00:00 pm
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The registration period is from Tue, Nov 6, 2018 10:00:00 am to Mon, Jul 15, 2019 08:00:00 am

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7th Edition

NRP Provider Information

The NRP Provider Course introduces the concepts and basic skills of neonatal resuscitation. It is designed for health care professionals involved in any aspect of neonatal resuscitation, including physicians, nurses, advanced practice nurses, nurse midwives, licensed midwives, respiratory care practitioners, and other health care professionals who provide direct care during neonatal resuscitation.

Before attending a hands-on course (Instructor-Led Event), the learner is responsible for self-studying materials and completing online education. During the Instructor-Led Event, the learner will complete skills stations and participate in simulation and debriefing.

  • The Performance Skills Station provides an opportunity to practice or review technical hands-on resuscitation skills with instructor assistance.
  • The Integrated Skills Station allows the instructor to facilitate more than one scenario and evaluate the learner's readiness for simulation and debriefing. The instructor will not coach, assist, or interrupt during a scenario.
  • Simulation and debriefing provides a safe setting in which to integrate cognitive and technical skills, and focus on team communication and patient safety.
  1. Self-study the Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation, 7thEdBring your NRP 7th Ed Provider Manual to class.  May be purchased/rented from Dory Gassman for $70.00.
  2. Complete the NRP Provider Curriculum (Part 1 and Part 2)

Important Resources:

Review the Student Guide NRP Foundations to help you get started in the new NRP LMS and enroll in the NRP Provider Curriculum. 

Print this guide and reference it throughout Part 1 & Part 2 sequencing              NRP Provider How -to -Guide 

Prairie Lakes Employees- (log into Healthstream)

Non-employee - (log into Healthstream)

       Brown Clinic: facility specific Healthstream account

       Sanford Clinic: facility specific Healthstream account


** If need assistance logging into your specific facility, please contact your facility learning coordinator***

Provider Curriculum, Part 1

Part 1 focuses on building a foundation of neonatal resuscitation knowledge. The learning activities in Part I include the

  • Provider Exam
  • - Section 1: Lessons 1-5 (25 questions) - Section 2: Lessons 6-11 (25 questions) - You have unlimited attempts to complete Section 1 and 2 of the exam
  • eSim Cases
  • Provider Exam and eSim Evaluation
  • Learning activities must be completed sequentially. For example, after you successfully complete the Provider Exam Section 1, Provider Exam Section 2 will be unlocked and available. Once Part 1 is completed, a learner has 90 days to complete Part 2. Part 2 includes the Instructor-led Event (hands-on portion of the course). The activities in this part are
  • Provider Curriculum, Part 2
  • Registering for an Instructor-led Event
  • Completing the Instructor-led Even Evaluation
  • You must register for NRP 7th edition Instructor-led Events before attending the event.  You can either register yourself for events or you can be registered by an instructor or administrator.  The event must be completed and graded as passed before you have access to the evaluation.
  • Once all steps are complete, you will have access to your NRP Provider eCard.


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