A Special Lady & Her Legacy

Zelta Wall
Zelta Wall

Surrounded by her family, Zelta Jean Wall was almost 93 years old when she passed away in November, 2014 in her home near Strandburg. Throughout her life, Zelta Jean was involved in numerous clubs and activities. One such activity was raising money for the Suzanne Jacobson Memorial Fund (SJMF) through her volunteer work during Yellow Rose Week. She did so to help others and to continue the legacy of her healthcare provider, neighbor and dear friend, Suzanne Jacobson. 

Zelta Jean was the first volunteer to assist with Yellow Rose Week. She was energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about raising funds for the SJMF. Perhaps Zelta Jean’s most coveted sales tactic was her genuine flair of humor. Prior to her passing, Zelta Jean informed her family she wished for all memorials in her honor to go to the SJMF. The SJMF received over $4,000 from the family and other donors due to this request. What a wonderful gift to SJMF grant recipients! 

In honor of her generosity and dedication to the SJMF campaign, Yellow Rose Week 2015 will be held in honor of Zelta Jean Wall. Her legacy and commitment to the SJMF will forever be appreciated and remembered. 

The SJMF is a service of the Prairie Lakes Healthcare Foundation, which provides $500 grants annually to people with a life threatening illness who reach financial hardship. Since its inception in 1999, the SJMF has provided $265,000 in grants. If you wish to know more about the SJMF, to volunteer during Yellow Rose Week, to receive a SJMF application, or to make a donation call the Prairie Lakes Healthcare Foundation at 605-882-7631.