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Educational Videos
Dr. Jered Mancell of the Prairie Lakes Ear, Nose, Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic, discusses pediatric Ear, Nose, & Throat (ENT) and sinus conditions with Jim Aesoph, KXLG.
Abby Gietzen, PA-C from Prairie Lakes Dermatology Clinic, provides some sunscreen safety tips to help when you are shopping for sunscreen.
Dr. Svien Senne, Pulmonologist and Jason, Respiratory Therapist briefly explain a few key points as to what our Pulmonary Rehab program is all about.
Beth, Registered Nurse with the Prairie Lakes General Surgery Clinic explains the process and how important a colonoscopy is to both you and your family.
Shelly, Speech Language Pathologist with the Prairie Lakes Rehabilitation Services explains what is dysphagia?
Jackie, Physical Therapist with the Prairie Lakes Rehabilitation Services talks on the topic: Have you ever wondered about Vertigo? What is Vertigo? Do I have it? Can it be treated?
Donna, Occupational Therapist, Prairie Lakes Rehabilitation Services discusses her job with Prairie Lakes Rehabilitation on how occupational therapy can help.
Dot, Director of Prairie Lakes Rehab and Wound Clinic, Prairie Lakes Rehabilitation Services discusses how to prepare and recover from a total joint replacement surgery.
Rebecca, from Prairie Lakes Radiology, discusses the Target Heart package at Prairie Lakes with Jim Aesoph, KXLG. It's only $45!
Dr. Jeffrey Smith, from the Prairie Lakes Dermatology Clinic explains the ABCDE's of melanoma and when you should schedule an appointment to see a Dermatologist.
Leah, Director of Cardiology walks you through Prairie Lakes Cath Lab. Prairie Lakes Cath Lab provides immediate access to life-saving interventional procedures such as angiography and stent placement 24/7.
Bobbie, Cardio/Pulmonary Rehab Coordinator discusses the importance of the Cardiac Rehab program for those recovering from a heart attack, stent placement, or cardiac surgery.
Dr. Tina Melanson, Nephrologist of the Prairie Lakes Nephrology Clinic discusses nephrology and dialysis in a podcast style with Mike Tanner from KWAT.
taking blood pressure
Jacklyn Karli, CNP with Prairie Lakes Cardiology Clinic discusses the two common causes of heart failure: high blood pressure and heart disease, which could include a heart attack, stent, or having coronary artery bypass surgery.
getting ready to run on track
Two Topics! Tyler, Physical Therapist with the Prairie Lakes Rehabilitation Services talks about what it means to be a physical therapist with an emphasis in sports medicine. Tyler, PT and Michelle, Certified Athletic Trainer discusses: Have you ever wondered how Prairie Lakes Physical Therapists and the Certified Athletic Trainers at the high school work side by side?
heart model
Haley Ellis, CNP with Prairie Lakes Cardiology talks about why it is important to know your blood pressure numbers.
woman holding breast cancer ribbon
Dr. Farah Haque, Anatomic and Clinical Pathologist in the Prairie Lakes Lab, Dr. Jeffrey Brindle is a Radiation Oncologist in the Prairie Lakes Cancer Center and Dr. Jacob Schaeffer is a General Surgeon in the Prairie Lakes General Surgery Clinic. They answer commonly asked breast cancer questions.
ladder to get in pool
Kristine, Physical Therapist Assistant and Stacey, Physical Therapist, Prairie Lakes Rehabilitation Services answer did you know that Prairie Lakes Rehabilitation has a pool? They help to explain how the pool works and you can ask yourself, would aquatic therapy work for me?
outstretched arm
Michelle, Occupational Therapist, Prairie Lakes Rehabilitation Services explains that lymphedema is a persistent buildup of tissue proteins, fluid, and inflammation of an extremity that causes swelling. Check out this blog on finding the right kind of help for lymphedema.
shoulder pain
Dot and Eric, Physical Therapists with Prairie Lakes Rehabilitation Services answer the question of does hurt equal harm after surgery?
exercise equipment at home
Karen, Physical Therapist, with Prairie Lakes Rehabilitation Services discusses if you are home bound, but in need of physical therapy? Prairie Lakes Rehab Physical Therapists can come into your home. Check out available services!
a woman in pain
Eric, Physical Therapist and Therapeutic Pain Specialist with Prairie Lakes Rehabilitation Services gives a presentation on the topic of Know Pain, Know Gain.
baby laying down
Micki, Director of Prairie Lakes Maternal Child Health and Sarah, Maternal Child Health Educator discusses how to personalize your birth experience.
woman tripping
Prairie Lakes Emergency Department discusses the topic of: How safe is your home from fall risks?
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