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Patient Stories

Talk to Your Heart

Sister Clarice first found out she had hypertension after a visit to the ER in 1999. After a long search she found Dr. Garcia after the Prairie Lakes Cardiology Clinic opened in 2007. Today she shares a message of health awareness and hopes her story will inspire other women to…

Mother. Daughter. Survivor.

Meet Maggie, a cancer survivor with two kids, a supportive fiancĂ©e and loving family. On June 13, 2014 she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. During this time she drew hope from staff at the Prairie Lakes Cancer Center and was strong not only for herself, but for her…

Stories from the Heart

On May 8, 2007 Dr. Lunardi performed the first cath lab procedure for Prairie Lakes Cardiology. In ten years our Prairie Lakes Cardiology Program has touched 10,000 hearts. A few of the community members touched by our program came forward to tell their heart story. Let's listen in:     Prairie…

Annual Check-Up Saved Jane's Life

Jane went to her primary physician for an annual physical. "I felt good. The next day I was planning to fly to New York City and I was very excited about it." And as she answered the questions typically asked during a physical, something she thought nothing about, concerned her…

Kathy's Sinus Story

Kathy, a Watertown teacher, had difficulty breathing for several years. Dr. Mancell diagnosed her sinus problem and helped her breathe easy again.   

Daryl's Urine Flow Story

Frequent urination is a frequent irritation. Daryl found a better way to treat his condition with Dr. Lanctin, Urologist.  

Beth's Therapy Story

After breaking her wrist in an accident and being diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome Beth Will needed to improve her wrist's functionality. She looked to Occupational Therapist, Michelle Stark for therapy, guidance, and devices. “There's always help and hope, especially through the different therapies they have now through OT (occupational…
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