Carol's Experience in Cardiac Rehab

Carol Pollard
Carol Pollard

When Carol Pollard started to get short of breath, Dr. Garcia, Prairie Lakes Cardiologist recommended that she go to Prairie Lakes Cardiac Rehab. Carol had a valve replacement and qualified for the program. She continues to go because likes the supportive, safe, and clean environment.

The Cardiac Rehab team at Prairie Lakes is just the best!

They are so patient and knowledgeable: they answer questions no matter how many times the questions are asked, they give extra assistance whenever they see it’s needed, and they constantly watch over each patient to be sure everything is going well.

I am always welcomed by friendly and kind staff; they make patients feel like they’re glad to see us and glad that we keep coming back. We continue to be well and get stronger.

They are so accommodating if schedules or routines need to be changed. The department is kept so sanitized and clean, and the equipment is always in good working order.

Thank you, Cardiac Rehab Staff!

Carol Pollard


Prairie Lakes Cardiac Rehab