Julie's Unexpected Procedure

“I really didn’t think my ongoing symptoms were because of my gallbladder” said Julie. But when her coworkers encouraged her to go to urgent care, Julie found out it was just that. “In a world of so much information online, we tend to self diagnose and delay seeking out medical care. I should have gone in sooner, but I would have further delayed much needed care if it wasn’t for my caring coworkers!”

“When my provider asked who I wanted to take out my gallbladder, I thought of my positive prior experience with Dr. Kamlitz. Dr. Kamlitz saw me the next day for a pre-procedure appointment and even asked if I wanted my gallbladder removed yet that same day to better meet the needs of my schedule that week! All of the staff in the clinic and in surgery were very accommodating, attentive, and compassionate during this unplanned procedure. I am glad these outstanding surgical providers and services are available to all of us in Watertown.”


 At Prairie Lakes General Surgery Clinic we don’t just treat your medical needs - we treat you. Our team specializes in both routine treatments and unplanned procedures, like gallbladder removal.

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