Nate's Story of Complex Pain Treatment

Nate Davis, 2021
Nate Davis, 2021

Nate Davis graduated from Watertown High School and played college ball. After a complicated knee injury, Nate saw Eric Fjeldheim, Doctor of Physical Therapy and specialist in pain science at Prairie Lakes Rehab. Fjeldheim’s practice follows evidence-based techniques he learned through his additional classes, certification, and Fellowship in Pain Science.

“Pain is a very complex, individualized, whole personal experience, which makes it all the more important to have treatments that match the individual,” said Fjeldheim.

As Nate discusses in the audio clip below, his treatment included an innovative approach for treating complex pain called “graded motor imagery”. “Essentially we were trying to start re-mapping the brain in the early stages of rehabilitation,” said Fjeldheim.

Listen to Nate tell his story: