Same Day Care & Convenience Care

Same Day & Convenience Care
Same Day & Convenience Care

When you or a loved one gets sick or your child sprains their ankle, where do you go?

Same Day Care

Prairie Lakes Brown Clinic Same Day Care at Main and Northridge make it easier and more convenient to get help for life’s surprises. Our team of medical providers are ready to provide you with the expert care you deserve even under unexpected circumstances.

Monday - Friday  |  8 am – 5 pm | 605-886-8482

Same day care is offered at both our Main and Northridge locations. Call ahead for a same day appointment or simply walk-in.

Convenience Care

Patients are able to receive faster care for common, non-life-threatening medical conditions such as sprains, skin rashes, sore throats, and upset stomachs at Prairie Lakes Brown Clinic Northridge during Convenience Care hours.

Monday - Friday  |  4 pm - 6 pm |  Walk-in Only

Convenience Care is walk-in only at our Northridge location where dedicated primary care providers are on hand to care for life's unexpected events.