Celebrating Caregivers at Prairie Lakes Healthcare System During #Giving Tuesday

#Giving Tuesday is an internationally recognized day of giving across the globe for people to give to causes they are passionate about. Prairie Lakes wishes to involve you, patients and family members, by sharing a positive experience you have had at Prairie Lakes referencing the Prairie Lakes Standards of Behavior below. 

For each story submitted by November 30, 2018, three anonymous donors will donate $50 per story, up to $1,500 to the Prairie Lakes Healthcare Foundation. Each person who submits a story is entered in a drawing for a 10-day pass at the Prairie Lakes Wellness Center.

If you have any questions, please contact Prairie Lakes Healthcare Foundation at 605-882-7631.


How it works:

Use the form below to share how someone or a department at Prairie Lakes Healthcare System went above and beyond in displaying great service related to one of the Standards of Behavior: communication, compassion, ownership, respect, and teamwork.

Prairie Lakes Standards of Behavior: At Prairie Lakes Healthcare System, we are committed to providing a caring and compassionate environment where all individuals feel valued and where we consistently behave in a manner that instills trust. We take ownership and hold ourselves and others accountable to the following Standards of Behavior to ensure service excellence.


  • Did a staff member, group of staff, or physician use good communication by being respectful with their emotions, facial expressions, and body language? Was he or she an active listener and keep others informed about your or your loved one’s care?


  • Was a staff member, group of staff or physician approachable by making eye contact and showing courtesy? Did he or she express empathy, sensitivity, openness, understanding, and attentiveness when working with you or your loved one?


  • Was a staff member, group of staff, or physician reliable and did he/she help to solve problems by offering solutions? Did he/she take accountability for his/her attitude, actions, and the environment? Was it evident that he/she took pride in his/her work and the organization?


  • Was a staff member, group of staff, or physician kind and demonstrate good etiquette in caring for you and your loved one? Did he/she protect the privacy of others and listen to everyone’s opinion while keeping an open mind, recognizing differences in culture and beliefs?


  • Did a staff member, group of staff, or physician collaborate with others and offer a helping hand? Did he/she actively contribute to make the environment more positive?
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