Your Health in Our Community

Your Health in Our Community

We treat you like family, because here you are family. Our team knows and understands the nature of healing. As an independent, rural healthcare system, we have the freedom to follow a mission created by Board Members who are your neighbors. They know our ten county community.

Our Mission

We make a positive difference in the health of the patients and communities we serve.

Our Vision

Keystone of Our Community: Exceptional Care Every Day

Your Health : Our Mission

This motto is foundational for our team. It is a reminder to make a positive difference in the health of our community members both within our facility and out in the region. You can expect Prairie Lakes Healthcare System to provide quality and compassionate care, partner with organizations in the region, sponsor wellness initiatives,  bring specialty services to communities outside of Watertown through outreach clinics, and provide support and education through events and articles. You lead the charge of your health and wellness journey, and we are here for you.