Health Programs

Health Programs

Many programs at Prairie Lakes Healthcare System are free or inexpensive. There are several types of programs available to the community.

Emotional Support

Support groups offer information to help cope with a chronic disease or life event. But a big benefit of support groups is meeting people in a similar situation. Our staff guides the group on a particular topic. Most support groups are lead by Prairie Lakes staff, but we do support other groups who are independent. 

Prairie Lakes Support Groups:

  • Prairie Lakes Grief Support Groups
  • Prairie Lakes Cancer Support Group

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Other Community Support Groups:

A variety of support groups are available in the community through churches and non-profits. These are the independent groups hosted at or supported by Prairie Lakes.

  • IBS Support Group
  • Watertown Area Breast Cancer Support Group

Health Event Preparation

Free classes at Prairie Lakes help prepare you for a procedure or life event. Popular courses include the childbirth class and Your Total Joint Journey. 

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Target Heart and Stroke Screen are elective tools intended to detect risk for life threatening conditions. Learn more: Heart Screening | Stroke Screening

Weight Maintenance 

 A twelve week program called Core 4 is ran by our Registered Dietitians. They will help you change your lifestyle, change your eating habits, change your attitude, and change your life! Learn more


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