Learn & Socialize with Prairie Lakes

Learn & Socialize with Prairie Lakes

Prairie Lakes Healthcare System supports you with a wide range of events, classes, and support groups.

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Emotional Support

Support groups offer information to help cope with a chronic disease or life event. But a big benefit of support groups is meeting people in a similar situation. Our staff guides the group on a particular topic. Most support groups are lead by Prairie Lakes staff, but we do support other groups who are independent. 

Prairie Lakes Support Groups:

  • Prairie Lakes Diabetes Support Group
  • Prairie Lakes Bereavement Support Group
  • Prairie Lakes Cancer Support Group
  • Prairie Lakes Breastfeeding Support Group

Other Community Support Groups:

A variety of support groups are available in the community through churches and non-profits. These are the independent groups hosted at or supported by Prairie Lakes.

  • IBS Support Group
  • Watertown Area Breast Cancer Support Group

Free Classes

  • Your Total Joint Journey. A free educational class for patients considering or scheduled for total joint replacement surgery and their caregiver or coach.
  • Childbirth & Expectant Parent Classes.

Semi-Regular Events

  • Community Blood Drives.
  • Core 4's 12-week weight maintenance program.

Annual Events

  • Ladies Night Out, February.
  • Memorial Butterfly Release, June.
  • Celebrating Life! A breast cancer awareness and life celebration event, October.
  • Footprints on My Heart during Infant Loss Awareness Month, October.
  • Hope for the Holidays, December.

Fundraising Events that Benefit the Foundation

  • Yellow Rose Week, June.
  • Hospital Hill Run, June.
  • BASH gala.

Professional Training

  • American Heart Association Courses

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