Surgical Services

Same Day and Inpatient Surgery

Same Day and Inpatient Surgery

General and specialized surgeons in the region perform procedures and surgeries at Prairie Lakes Hospital and Mallard Pointe Surgical Center. Our surgery staff is trained to work with these surgeons and provide you with compassionate care. Support staff at Prairie Lakes can help you plan for your upcoming appointment, understand your insurance coverage as it relates to your surgery, and discuss with you the next steps following your surgery.

Family members are an important part of the care team. The contact person will receive a key to help them privately track their loved one's progress using a tracking board located in the waiting room at Prairie Lakes Hospital. The waiting area is stocked with coffee, snacks, and vending. Complimentary WiFi and a phone charging station are also available to make sure everyone has a positive experience. Furthermore, the cafeteria is only a short walk away and is stocked with a variety of eat-in and carry-out items. 

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Same-day surgery

Same-day surgery at a Prairie Lakes Healthcare System facility is a safe, convenient, high quality, and economical option for a wide range of medical procedures. Our skilled healthcare team is experienced in providing a full range of same-day surgical and diagnostic procedures.  Your same-day surgical procedure could take place at two facilities in Watertown: Prairie Lakes Hospital's Same-Day Services Department or Prairie Lakes Mallard Pointe Surgical Center.

Inpatient surgery

If your surgical procedure requires an overnight stay at Prairie Lakes Hospital our staff will monitor you closely. Our hospitalist physicians and inpatient staff will make sure your condition has stabilized, and care for you compassionately until you are ready to go home.