Cancer Care Support Services

Cancer Care Support Services

A variety of support staff and services are available to patients at the Prairie Lakes Cancer Center.

Social Worker

A licensed social worker provides emotional and ongoing support to patients newly diagnosed with cancer, those in treatment and those who have completed their treatment. The social worker also assists patients in finding financial resources and making referrals to community programs, as well as advocating for patients and families who have concerns about insurance coverage.


Dietary needs are addressed through the expertise of a registered and licensed dietitian. During cancer treatment, a patient may experience changes in dietary needs. A registered dietitian is available to help make food choices that will provide good nutrition for those who experience nausea or other eating disturbances related to cancer treatment.

Pastoral Care

Cancer patients' spiritual needs are recognized as being an important part of their treatment process. The Prairie Lakes pastoral care staff is available to cancer patients and their loved ones anytime for prayer, spiritual concerns or support of any kind.

Support Groups

Support groups are available through our Cancer Center. Learn more about the free support groups at Prairie Lakes by viewing the online events calendar or calling 605-882-6854.