Sinus Disease Treatments

Dr. Mancell
Dr. Mancell

Dr. Mancell is able to treat sinus problems with medications and noninvasive procedures such as irrigations or nebulizers. When infections are not responsive to these treatments, surgery to enlarge the openings that drain the sinuses into the nose may be helpful.

Advances in surgical technology now allow more targeted and delicate surgery, typically through the nasal cavity, that allows for shorter recovery, less pain and better results. Options for treatment of sinus disease include balloon sinuplasty done in the office or operating room, drug-releasing sinus implants and traditional sinus surgery. With multiple options available, an exam and discussion with one of our providers will help determine the best treatment of your symptoms.

Image Guided Technology

New technology allows three dimensional mapping of the surgical field using Computed Tomography (CT) scans. This technology allows precise, real-time tracking of surgical instruments during complex sinus surgery. 

Patients may make an appointment with Dr. Mancell by calling 605-882-7740 or toll free at 855-215-5327. No referral is necessary. 

Learn more about sinusitis from the organization ENT Health: ENT Health Resource Library

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