Referring a Patient to a Specialist

Prairie Lakes employs doctors in the following in a variety of specialties. To refer a patient to a specialist, please contact the clinic and the receptionist will assist you.

Cancer Center: 605-882-6800
Cardiology Clinic: 605-882-7953
Dermatology Clinic: 605-882-7800
Ear, Nose, & Throat: 605-882-7740
General Surgery Clinic: 605-882-6850
Home Health: 605-882-7745
Hospice: 605-882-7745
Nephrology Clinic: 605-882-5455
Pulmonology Clinic: 605-882-7650
Urology Clinic: 605-882-6810


Referring a Patient for a Radiology Procedure

Prairie Lakes Radiology Department offers comprehensive diagnostic and interventional services in the areas of CT, nuclear medicine, x-ray, and ultrasound. Same-day, outpatient exams may be scheduled by contacting the Radiology Department at 605-882-7770. Future outpatient exams can be scheduled by contacting Central Scheduling at 605-882-7690.

To assist you scheduling radiology exams we have put together a Procedures and Preps Help Document. This document is designed as a tool to assist you with pre-medication guidelines for contrast allergies, creatinine requirements, interventional procedures and biopsies, clinical indication guidelines, and patient preps.

Radiology Help Document