10th Ave NW Construction

Friday, April 16, 2021

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The City of Watertown is working with Prairie Lakes Healthcare System to ensure access to our facility remains available throughout the 10th Ave NW construction project this summer. The project is currently scheduled to begin on April 19.

As you can see in the detour map below, drivers will be directed to use 9th Ave NW if they want to access Prairie Lakes Healthcare System’s main campus from Highway 81. Drivers coming from Highway 20 and using 10th Ave NW will follow signage directing them to their appropriate entrance. Patients accessing the east/ER entrance and Cancer Center will be directed straight through an access path to the parking lot entrance. The road will be blocked before 3rd St; therefore, patients needing to access the main, Specialty Clinic, and Sanford Clinic entrances will be directed to go south on Skyline to access the campus just south of Sanford Clinic. 

View the detoured traffic map:  pdf 10th Ave Construction 2021 Prairie Lakes Access Map 04 08 2021 (341 KB)

View the large-scale detour map:

10th Ave Construction 2021 Detour Map