Thursday, February 13, 2014 Written by Sadie Snyder

Winter Months Mean More Heart Attacks

Winter blues aren’t just from the weather. It is true that heart attacks increase in the winter months. In fact, according to Doctor Jonathan Waltman with the KentuckyOne Cardiology Associates, there is a 50 percent increase in heart attacks during the winter months.

Surprisingly this isn’t necessarily from the weather, although cold weather can exacerbate the symptoms of heart disease. If someone does have heart disease it is best to bundle up in the winter and limit breathing in cold air.

Many believe the increase in heart attacks may be due to weight gain in the winter months.  Eating more and exercising less is common in the winter and the extra weight puts unnecessary strain on your heart.

Keeping a good exercise routine and eating healthy all year round is key in maintaining long-term heart health.