Kick off a Healthy New Year with Core4 by Sodexo - Early Bird Discounts until January 2nd!

Tuesday, December 13, 2022
Core4 Starts January 10th
Core4 Starts January 10th

The New Year is a perfect time for a change!

Change your lifestyle, change your eating habits, change your attitude and change your life! Core4 by Sodexo is offered to PLHS employees and the general public. Beginning Tuesday, January 10th, there are two 12-week sessions available that meet for an hour  - one meets at 12:00 pm and the other meets at 5:30 pm. Both groups will meet in the North Conference Room. 

Effective weight management isn’t just about losing pounds. It’s about gaining a healthier, more rewarding lifestyle. During the Core4 program, our Registered Dietitians will focus on boosting your overall health, relying on proven scientific methods to train you to improve your eating habits, lifestyle, and activity choices- for good!

The 12-Week CORE4 Program

  • Week 1: Introduction
  • Week 2: Individual Appointment with a Registered Dietitian
  • Week 3: Taking Control Behavior Modification
  • Week 4: Portions
  • Week 5: Food Labels, Meal Planning and Dining Out
  • Week 6: Exercise
  • Week 7: Choosing Wisely Fat, Cholesterol and Triglycerides
  • Week 8: Choosing Wisely Carbohydrates and Fiber
  • Week 9: Choosing Wisely Protein and Water
  • Week 10: Choosing Wisely Vitamins and Minerals
  • Week 11: Stress, Sleep and Extreme Diets
  • Week 12: Moving On

Early-Bird Incentive: Enter promo code "Early" on/before January 2nd and receive $20 off your registration fee.

The program is limited to 8 attendees per session, so be sure to get registered before they fill up!

To enhance your Core4 experience, we are now offering the use of the PLHS Cardiopulmonary Rehab gym with healthcare staff assistance. More information will be shared at the first Core4 class.

Body Composition Analysis (BCA)

This analysis is based on an individual’s personal information using weight, height and age. The BCA shows the composition of your body in terms of fat, muscle, and water content. This can help you concentrate on losing body fat instead of just focusing on losing pounds. A body composition analysis is completed at the beginning and the end of this 12 week program.

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Megan Block, Registered Dietitian, Explains Core4 with KXLG
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