Thankful for Hospice

Monday, November 02, 2015

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Dolly Gasner
Dolly Gasner

Ileta (Dolly) Gasner experienced helpful and compassionate care provided by the Prairie Lakes Hospice Team with her mother, Thelma Peterson and again with her husband, Terrance.

“(Prairie Lakes) Hospice was good about medication (management) and moral support for the entire family,” said Dolly. “The nurses were upbeat and good natured. They made it easier to get through the difficult times. We don’t know what we would have done without Hospice.”

Reflective of her gratitude, Dolly provided a charitable donation to the Hospice Fund/Give Comfort through the Prairie Lakes Healthcare Foundation. Her desire is for others to benefit from this service like her family has.

If you are interested in providing a gift to the Hospice program, please contact the Foundation at 882-7631. Your gift enables us to continue the very important work of Hospice by enhancing the quality of life for patients and families in the final stages of life.

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