The Coffee Cup’s Donation Warms Spirits

Monday, September 14, 2015

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Joshua Simpson, Manager and Jeena Morris, Assistant Manager of Caribou Coffee.
Joshua Simpson, Manager and Jeena Morris, Assistant Manager of Caribou Coffee.

The Coffee Cup Fuel Stop near Summit, South Dakota is a strong supporter of patients at the Prairie Lakes Cancer Center.

In 2014, Caribou Coffee inside the Coffee Cup Fuel Stop raised 37 pounds to donate to cancer patients. Now that cold weather is coming soon, Caribou Coffee raised the bar and donated 40 pounds of their smoothest blend, La minita Peaberry, and coffee making supplies.

The donation is valued around $1,200 worth of coffee. A 1 lb. bag of La minita Peaberry usually cost about $21.99. Caribou Coffee, local businesses, community members and Caribou Coffee employees supported the cause to bring gourmet coffee to cancer patients.

La minita Peaberry is a silky pure light roast with cherry like flavor, notes of sweet milk chocolate and a smooth nutty finish. Most coffee cherries develop two seeds. Only around 7% of all the coffee in the world develops just one seed, resulting in this coffee's concentrated favors. These one seeded coffee cherries are called a pea berry.

“This is one of my personal favorites and I want to thank everyone who helped contribute to this wonderful cause,” said Caribou Coffee Manager, Joshua Simpson. “I encourage anyone who wants to make a contribution that it will make a definite impact with our upcoming fall donation.”

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Purchasing Amy’s Blend at any Caribou Coffee in October will benefit CancerCare. CancerCare is a national nonprofit organization committed to helping people cope with cancer through counseling, support, education, and financial assistance. Caribou Coffee on Highway 81 in Watertown and Caribou Coffee in Summit are holding separate fundraisers of coffee for the Prairie Lakes Cancer Center; in addition to the chain’s promotion.