Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy Care

Each pregnancy is special and unique. We ensure your care will be the same. At Prairie Lakes Brown Clinic, our prenatal specialists work directly with you the moment you find out you're pregnant to listen to you and meet your maternity goals and preferences. Making sure you and your baby stay healthy every step of the way to birth and postpartum is our main priority. 

Obstetric Physicians

Labor & Delivery

When it's time to deliver your baby, Prairie Lakes provides you with a positive birthing experience with the help of our compassionate OB care team. Learn more below.

Labor and Delivery

Postpartum Care

Prairie Lakes also offers postpartum care to guide you through your recovery, including follow-up visits, breastfeeding support, and mental health resources.

Trust us in delivering the care you and your baby deserve, your way. 

To schedule an appointment with one of our Obstetric Providers, please call (605) 886-8482.