Pain Science Center

Pain Science Center

Pain is Real. Pain is Personal.

Pain is Real. Pain is Personal.

The Pain Science Center at Prairie Lakes is an option for those suffering from complex, chronic or widespread pain they are struggling to live with and manage day to day. There are many different types of pain, and we are here to listen, evaluate, and help you gain control of the unique symptoms related to your individual pain.

Our focus is multidisciplinary, whole person care. 

Pain Science Center

Pain conditions are very common in the U.S. and many people don't know where to turn to find the right relief. If you suffer from symptoms of ongoing pain, you may benefit from the treatment options available at the Pain Science Center at Prairie Lakes Specialty Clinic. 


Once an evaluation is completed and a better understanding of a patient’s pain is established, the Pain Science Center works together with the patient to find the right course of treatment. This may include resources within the community along with Prairie Lakes:

  • Services
  • Specialties
  • Therapies
  • Procedures Including Injections & Nerve Blocks

Treatment is personalized to each patient’s individual needs because there are many different types of pain.

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Eric Fjeldheim, DPT completed a Fellowship in Pain Science and is a certified Therapeutic Pain Specialist. His specializes in understanding each patient's pain conditions in order to find the best individualized treatment plan for patients to recover, regain mobility, and experience a positive outcome. 


Austin Dale, CRNA completed a Fellowship in Advanced Pain Management and offers procedural treatments, including injections and nerve blocks, and medication management to patients for a variety of pain conditions. His goal is to treat pain in ways that assist individuals in restoring normal activities of daily life. 


  • To schedule an appointment or personalized consultation with Pain Specialist, Eric Fjeldheim, DPT, call the Prairie Lakes Specialty Clinic at 605-882-7700. No physician referral is necessary. Appointments are located within Rehab Services in the lower level of the Specialty Clinic. 
  • To schedule an appointment with Austin Dale, CRNA, a physician's referral is needed. For questions and more information, call 605-882-7700. Appointments are located on the second floor of the Specialty Clinic. 

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