Give Hope: Christy Kinney Pay It Forward Fund

Colita Remmers (left) with Christy Kinney
Colita Remmers (left) with Christy Kinney

The Christy Kinney Fund is an opportunity for breast cancer patients to receive assistance paying their bills, related to their breast cancer diagnosis, at Prairie Lakes Healthcare System. All contributions to the Christy Kinney Fund are used to provide to those who apply. 

Applications are kept in strict confidence and may be completed below. Applications are reviewed for approval by a select committee and are kept in strict confidence.

About the Cause

The Christy Kinney "Pay It Forward" Fund was established by the Watertown Breast Cancer Support Group through the Prairie Lakes Healthcare Foundation. The inspiration for this fund came from members of the Watertown Breast Cancer Support Group who wished to “pay it forward” by assisting breast cancer patients with the amounts they owe to Prairie Lakes Healthcare System. They also wish to carry on Christy Kinney’s legacy. As a breast cancer survivor, Christy positively impacted the lives of many people through her care, concern and compassion. This fund is designed to carry on her mission.

Christy's Story

Christy Kinney survived a diagnosis of breast cancer in 1997 and because of her cancer journey, began to visit women to help them through their Breast Cancer Journey. As a result, she and a good friend began the Watertown Breast Cancer Support Group which has helped many women and families as they battle breast cancer.

Christy had a passion for helping others and was very determined in her effort to help any woman diagnosed. This determination was a gift she used, even in stores and with women she didn’t know. If she saw a woman in a store wearing a head scarf and possibly looking like someone who may be undergoing chemotherapy, more often than not, she would approach this woman and inquire. Most of these impromptu visits led to a great conversation and always ended with Christy saying, “I’ll pray for you.”

Christy was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in June of 2017 and underwent many surgeries and chemo treatments. Her love and concern for all those around her, especially breast cancer patients, was evident even while in the hospital where she was a witness for Christ at every opportunity. Christy lost her battle with cancer in November of 2018, but her legacy of helping others will live on with this Christy Kinney “Pay It Forward” Fund.

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Each applicant is asked to fill out a simple form. Applications are available through the Prairie Lakes Healthcare Foundation. You can also download and print a form:

Click here to download the form

Applications are reviewed for approval by a select committee and are kept in strict confidence. Notification of acceptance or denial of funds will be sent out immediately following the committee meeting. In special circumstances, healthcare workers familiar with a friend's or family's circumstance may make a request on behalf of another individual. In those cases, a member of the committee will contact the person needing assistance for the information needed by the committee.

For more information on this fund or other Prairie Lakes Healthcare Foundation initiatives, contact the Foundation at 605-882-7631.