Prairie Lakes Continues to Warn Public of Scam Calls

Thursday, March 07, 2024
Phishing Scam Alert
Phishing Scam Alert

Prairie Lakes Healthcare System is receiving reports about scammers calling and texting people in the Watertown area claiming to be from Prairie Lakes while asking for personal information. The calls and texts are showing up on Caller ID with local area codes.

It is important to know that Prairie Lakes does NOT ask for personal information such as full social security number, insurance information, and/or Medicare ID number over the phone or through text message.

If you receive a call or text that is unexpected or the person on the line is asking for personal information, you should simply hang up or delete the text message and call your provider to verify. It is not recommended to share personal information over the phone or through text messaging.

Written by PLHS Marketing
Last modified on Thursday, March 07, 2024