Registered Dietitian Day is March 13th

Monday, March 11, 2024
PLHS Registered Dietitians: Sara B., Mallory P., Megan B., and Becky Schaible
PLHS Registered Dietitians: Sara B., Mallory P., Megan B., and Becky Schaible

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day is March 13!

At Prairie Lakes Healthcare System, we'd like to celebrate by showcasing our team of Registered Dietitians and thank them for helping our patients and community live healthier lives through nutrition. 


What is an RDN?

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) are food and nutrition experts with a minimum of a graduate degree from an accredited dietetics program and who completed a supervised practice requirement, passed a national exam and continue professional development throughout their careers. RD Table 2 lg

Recently, our Registered Dietitians were in the PLHS Café offering employees and visitors education on the amount of sugar in our favorite beverages. They also included a short written quiz that covered basic nutritional concepts. 

Anybody that completed the quiz was included in a drawing to win a Sodexo prize pack. Linda J. from Sodexo's Environmental Services Team (pictured below) won the drawing. Special recognition also goes to Penny B. for getting the most trivia questions right with 4 out of 5 guessed correctly. 

Linda Winner

Download a Copy of the Nutrition Quiz Answer Key

Tips to aim for better health:

  • As a family, commit to trying a new fruit or vegetable each week during National Nutrition Month®.
  • Give family members a role in meal planning and let them pick out different recipes to try.
  • Plan to eat more meals together as a family during National Nutrition Month®.
  • Explore food recovery options in your community.
  • If you watch TV, take breaks during commercials to be physically active.
  • Practice mindful eating by limiting screen time at mealtime — including phones, computers, TV and other devices.
  • Try more meatless meals — choices like beans and lentils are versatile plant-based protein sources that work in a variety of dishes.
  • Let everyone help with food preparation — a skill for people of all ages. If you have kids, there are age-appropriate tasks they may enjoy learning how to do.
  • Bring out the flavors of food by trying new herbs, spices or citrus fruit such as lemon or lime.
Written by Becky Schaible, Clinical Nutrition Manager
Last modified on Wednesday, March 13, 2024