Mary's Story of Recurring Nasal Polyps

Mary Lauritsen
Mary Lauritsen

Fifteen years ago, Mary Lauritsen had her third sinus surgery for polyp disease. During sinus surgery polyps are removed and unfortunately for Mary the polyps kept reoccurring, even after her third surgery. The last fifteen years she tried to accept the fact that she’d always feel a bit miserable and tried to manage her symptoms.  Mary has lived her life on repeat, hearing questions like “Do you always have a cold?”  But then her primary care provider, Dr. Sarah Reiffenberger suggested Mary see a specialist again.  “She said technology and treatment have come a long way in 15 years and that I should see Dr. Mancell.”

Dr. Mancell is an Otolaryngologist, or ENT for short, with Prairie Lakes Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic. “I told him my history, about my previous treatments, surgeries, allergy testing, and symptom management. I was doubtful that anything new would work on my progressive disease. Dr. Mancell assessed my condition and determined it was bad enough for immediate surgery. This didn’t surprise me. What did surprise me is how much he really cares about me. He made me promise to see an allergist because he believed together they could help prevent my polyps from continuously reoccurring.”

 “I did not want to go to the allergist, but I did. Dr. Luzier was again a nice surprise. He and Dr. Mancell both make me feel like I am more to them than just a patient. They follow through on what they say. Dr. Luzier and Dr. Mancell confirmed what they knew about my condition through allergy testing. Together they helped me. First Dr. Mancell removed my polyps again followed by medicine prescribed by Dr. Luzier to help prevent them from coming back. They both told me “I know this will work for you.”, and they were right.”

Mary started working at grain elevators the last few years and currently works at an elevator in Hazel. Her work is a prime environment for dust and particles that could congest almost anyone. She loves her job and was concerned the environment would affect her sinus disease. The good news - it’s been over six months since Mary had her polyps removed and started treatment, and she is feeling great. “I can breathe! What’s funny is, I have always thought I like the taste of brussel sprouts. It turns out, I hate them. It is great to taste and smell. We weren’t sure if I would get those senses back, but now I know I love coffee. I really enjoy getting mochas with my daughter."

"I am very grateful for my care team. They help me have a better life.”

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