Working Together to Help Brian Hear

Brian with Dr. Mancell
Brian with Dr. Mancell

Brian’s hearing was first tested when he was born, and after months of doctors’ visits, his mother Makenzie learned that he was deaf on his left side. “Not enough families know of the importance of testing their children's hearing, especially special needs children like mine,” said Makenzie. Brian has an autism spectrum disorder and connected with Dr. Mancell.

“I am in complete and full admiration for this wonderful doctor and all he has done for my son,” continued Makenzie. “Dr. Decker with Professional Hearing Services recommended us to Dr. Mancell. We met with Dr. Mancell and he was different than most doctors. He talked to my son like a normal human being. He was informative, he was direct, and he was ready with options and a plan.”

20200807 153048Dr. Mancell recommended a bone anchored hearing aid (BAHA). It transmits sounds through the bone for people with conductive, mixed hearing loss, or single-sided deafness. In Brian’s case, BAHA would transfer sounds from his deaf ear to his good ear. “After the first appointment we saw Dr. Mancell several more times in coordination with Dr. Decker. We followed his plan and went through with surgery.”

“After our one week check up after surgery, I felt like the best mother for making all these decisions with Dr. Mancell.” Since then, Brian had his BAHA activated by Dr. Seuser with Professional Hearing Services. Watch the video of Brian’s BAHA being activated:

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