Your Child's Surgery

The Prairie Lakes surgical staff is dedicated to making sure the surgical experience is positive for you and your child. Our surgical nursing and anesthesia staff has experience and special training in pediatric surgery.

Your role as a parent in preparing for surgery

There are special presurgical medical preparations espeically for childlren's medical needs. (SEE LINK) For their emotional needs, your actions and words can make a big difference. There are special things you can do to reduce your child's fear and anxiety -- as well as your own. Children who are less fearful and anxious have a more positive experience before and after surgery. The following suggestions will help a child's surgery experience be positive.

  • Display a calm, soothing, and trusting manner. You child will follow your lead.
  • Schedule a pre-admission tour of our facility.
  • Let your child know it's okay to be afraid. Encourage the child to talk about those feelings.
  • Answer your child's questions honestly. If you don't know an answer, we can help.
  • Let your child know to expect some pain after surgery, but medicine to help ease the pain.
  • Plan to be there with your child to provide comfort.

The day of surgery

Unless otherwise directed by your physician, plan to arrive at the surgery center about 45 minutes before the scheduled surgery. You and your child will be shown to a private pre-operative room. There, your child will dress for surgery. The nurse and anesthesiologist will visit with you about the procedure and answer any questions.

You may go with your child as he or she is brought to the operating room. We have found that children's anxiety levels are greatly reduced when a parent is able to be at his or her side right up until the anesthesia is administered.

Following surgery, your child will be moved to a recovery area. You will be notified immediately when your child begins to awaken. At that point, you can join him or her in the recovery room.

Discharge and at-home instructions

At the appropriate time, your child will be discharged. You will receive complete postoperative instructions and advice on your child's at-home care. Within a day or two, a nurse will call you at home to check on your child's progress. At any time, however, please feel free to call us with your concerns.