What to Expect

Preparing For Your Surgery

Preparing For Your Surgery

Any surgical procedure can be intimidating. Support staff at Prairie Lakes can help you plan for your upcoming appointment, understand your insurance coverage as it relates to your surgery, and discuss with you the next steps following your surgery.

Being informed about the process before your procedure is not only necessary but will help you feel at ease. Your doctor and our staff are here for you every step of the way.

Before Your Surgery

Be Informed

Ask your surgeon about the planned procedure, risks, benefits, and alternative treatments. Details and informative videos from our staff are provided to take much of the uncertainty out of the surgical process. Click to watch the videos.

Gather Needed Information & Necessities

  • List all of your medications that are prescribed and purchased over-the-counter, including supplements and eye drops. Doing this several days before your procedure may assist with the pre-op call with the nurse. We recommend keeping this list with you to reference when the nurse calls.
  • Day Before
    • Medications in their original bottles.
    • Medicare, Medicaid, and/or Insurance ID card.
    • Photo Identification.
    • If you wear contact lenses or glasses, bring a case for their safekeeping.  
    • Choose which loose, comfortable clothing to wear the day of your procedure.
    • If you will be staying in the hospital after your procedure, pack a bag with the needed items.

Expect Several Pre-Op Calls

A surgery nurse will call a few days before surgery to confirm your procedure. The nurse will obtain your medical history, current medications and review other instructions specific to your procedure. Your arrival time will be called to you the day before your surgery. Please call by 2 p.m. the day before surgery if a nurse hasn't contacted you by this time. If your procedure is at the hospital call Central Scheduling at (605) 882-7690; if it is at Mallard Pointe Surgery Center call (605) 882-4743. Any lab tests may be done up to 7 days before surgery.

Arrange for Care & Transportation

You must not drive home after your procedure and must be accompanied by a responsible adult if you receive sedation or anesthesia. Most patients should have an adult with them for 24hours after surgery.


Day of Your Procedure: General Instructions


Take your medications as instructed by your surgeon or the nurse. Usually prescribed medications for heart, blood pressure, breathing, seizures and pain can be taken with a sip of water the morning of surgery. Make sure you understand the instructions the surgery nurse gives you. Bring your medications in their original bottles with you.

Eating & Drinking

These instructions are very important for your safety and if not followed, your surgery may be canceled.

  • Remember the time the nurse tells you to stop eating and drinking before your surgery.
  • You may not chew gum, smoke, eat mints or suck hard candy during this time of fast.
  • You may brush your teeth, but do not swallow water.

You may be instructed that you can have clear liquids, which are these and no others:

  • Clear broth, black coffee, or tea
  • Soda, water, Gatorade
  • Pulp free juice-only apple, cranberry, or grape
  • Jello, popsicles

Do not take clear liquids unless your nurse tells you it is OK to do so.

For Your Safety

  1. Please remove all jewelry, including facial, tongue, or body piercings, and leave them at home.
  2. Do not shave the surgery area 48 hours prior to surgery.
  3. Follow instructions for pre-op showers and wear freshly laundered comfortable clothing.
  4. Please do not wear make-up or nail polish and plan to remove contact lenses before surgery.

Surgery Admitting Offices

Prairie Lakes Hospital is located at 401 9th Ave NW in Watertown SD. The hospital admitting office is located inside the Emergency Entrance off of 10thAve NW.

Prairie Lakes Mallard Pointe Surgical Center is located at 1201 Mickelson Dr in Watertown SD. Patients presenting for same-day procedures enter through the south (upstairs) door.