Joy's Story of Recovery

Joy with Jackie Lake, Physical Therapist
Joy with Jackie Lake, Physical Therapist

“We didn’t know if I was having a stroke or what was happening.” This is a frightening situation for anyone, and was the case for Joy early summer 2020. “I couldn’t stand or sit straight. I kept vomiting and had a headache,” said Joy. Joy and her wife live near Aberdeen, but in the summer enjoy long weekends in their camper near the Prop on Lake Kampeska. “I was lucky we were in Watertown when it happened.”

Joy came to the ER where the team ran several tests, including a CT Scan. Upon examination they saw nystagmus, which is uncontrolled fluttering of the eye. “This was during the time when no visitors were allowed, but the staff were so good at keeping my wife informed on what was going on. Because of my condition I had to be admitted as an inpatient and first had Dr. Kindelspire as my hospitalist,” continued Joy.

Vestibular Neuritis can cause symptoms like Joy was experiencing during rare and extreme circumstances. This is when Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist, Dr. Dorrity and Physical Therapist, Dot McAreavey saw Joy for a consult. “Both were great. Dot knew she needed to call in Rehab’s specialized vestibular therapist, Jackie. The collaboration between Jackie, Dr. Dorrity, Dr. Kindelspire, the hospital team, and my primary care physician in Aberdeen was amazing. I cannot say enough good things about the collaboration between my care team. They were so patient, attentive, and kind. I was treated with dignity and never felt alone even though no visitors were allowed.”

It was almost a week until Joy felt well enough to leave the hospital and go home to Aberdeen. She and her wife still travel to Watertown once a week, with enough time for Joy to continue her vestibular rehab with Jackie Lake. “I’ve felt so taken care through this entire journey at Prairie Lakes. I would not be as far as I am in my recovery if it wasn’t for the specialized care in Watertown. Jackie and the rehab team treats you like an entire human being, from physical to psychosocial. They truly provide holistic care.”

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