Kevin's Knee Replacement Story

Kevin Walking with Rehab Team Members
Kevin Walking with Rehab Team Members

Ten years ago Kevin had his right knee replaced. Fast forward to 2020, and he knew it was time to have his left knee replaced too. “It was ten years later, so I figured the technology and everything would be better. Ten years ago it took me an entire year to recover. Right now it’s been six months since my surgery with Dr. Johnston and I am better than 90% in that knee,” said Kevin.

Dr. Johnston with Glacial Lakes Orthopaedics completed Kevin’s total knee replacement in February, right before the pandemic started to affect the Watertown area. Kevin remembered from ten years ago that strengthening his knee before surgery was important, and attended the Your Total Joint Journey class with his wife. “You can find a lot of helpful tips online, but you can’t ask questions like you can at Your Total Joint Journey. The class was free, only one hour, and very informative. It is worth your time.”

“They started therapy in the hospital day one. I am really satisfied with all of the care – it’s been A+ from my hospital team all the way through to outpatient therapy.” Pictured with Kevin are a few members of the rehab team, Stacey Thury, Physical Therapist, Dot McAreavey, Physical Therapist, and Kristine DeBerg, Physical Therapy Assistant. He particularly enjoyed getting to know a student that assisted with his outpatient care. “I believe we helped each other quite a bit. It’s good that Prairie Lakes has relationships with schools and can teach students how to care for real patients.”

Kevin’s advice to those considering a joint replacement is to look forward to it. “The pain will be gone in short order. Set your sights on a goal a few months down the road and take it one day at a time. My advice is to not neglect your at-home therapy exercises they tell you to do. You’ll gain a lot more function if you follow their instructions.”

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