Home Health Therapy

Home Health Therapy

Care you need -- with the comforts of home

When recovering from joint-replacement surgery, a stroke, congestive heart failure, COPD or other condition, most patients would rather stay in the familiar surroundings of their homes. Research has shown that many patients actually recuperate faster at home. Prairie Lakes Home Therapy is is a service that gives you that option -- safely and effectively.

How it works
Working as a team, our therapists, nurses and aides design a home therapy plan suited to your specific needs. Then therapists come to your home to help you follow it. They train your family and caregivers on how to help. Nursing care is also available, and aides can handle personal care, linen changes and additional exercises.

Is this covered?
Medicare and most private insurances will cover in-home rehabilitative therapy. When you reach a certain recovery milestone, you continue your rehabilitation in the Rehab Department on the Prairie Lakes Healthcare System campus. Your inpatient social worker or therapist can help define your eligibility for home therapy.

What to expect

  • Up to five visits per week by a physical or occupational therapist
  • Occupational therapy training for daily living and postoperative home care
  • Fall prevention training
  • Home safety and family training
  • Speech therapy for swallowing and speech issues
  • Intermittent nursing visits for dressing changes, assessments, blood draws, etc.
  • Pain management
  • Daily assistance with personal and bathing needs as often as once per day
  • Additional private pay options available

Home Health Therapy coinsides wtih other home care services. You will need to have a caregiver who can help with meals, housekeeping, support and help when the home care staff aren't present. See more Home Care Services or Home Connections personal care services.

For more information about in-home services, contact Prairie Lakes Home Health at 605-882-7745.