Car Seat Safety

Car Seat Safety

Prairie Lakes Healthcare System believes that protection in a car should begin with a newborn's first ride home from the hospital.

Infant Car Seat Program

To encourage proper use of child safety seats, Prairie Lakes Healthcare System offers car seat education. Trained staff teach all aspects of safety related to car seats for infants and children. In this interactive session you will receive instructions on securing an infant as well as features of the infant car seat.

This individualized instruction will be followed by proper installation of the car seat in your vehicle. Our staff will check the installation for accuracy and assist you with any necessary corrections. The session provides one hour of instruction to help you make the best choices related to car seat safety as your child grows. Upon completion of the class you will feel comfortable taking your baby home from the hospital safely. 

For more information or to register please call 605-882-7735.

Car Seat Checks

Car seat checks provide an opportunity to have your infant or toddler car seat checked by trained staff. You will be given an appointment time and should arrive with your seat already installed in your vehicle. Staff will check the seat and have you make any necessary changes to the installation of the seat. For more information or to schedule an appointment please call 605-882-7735.

Child Safety Seat Distribution Program

For parents who qualify, seats are provided at no cost through a partnership with the South Dakota Department of Social Services. Parents must be South Dakota residents and be participating in an income eligibility program including Medicaid, WIC, SNAP, CHIP, Child Care Assistance or Head Start. Learn more about this program.