Prenatal Health and Childbirth Education

Infant Safety Precautions

Newborn Safety Precautions in Place at Prairie Lakes Healthcare System
Prairie Lakes welcomes nealy 600 babies into the world each year. During their stay with us, we implement many safety measures that help ensure each and every baby's safety and well-being is at hand.

  • The baby will wear two ID bands that match the mother's wristband. Each time staff brings the baby to its mother, nurses and mothers should check to make sure the bands match.
  • The father or partner of the mother receives a fourth matching ID, providing access to the floors at all hours.
  • Parents should never allow anyone to take the baby from their room other than a known staff person with a hospital ID.
  • Parents are encouraged to keep their infant in the room with them as much as possible.
  • If the mother is alone in the room with the baby and wants to nap, she should close the door and keep the baby in the crib on the window side of the bed and away from the door, so that she can hear whether someone approaches.
  • Hospital staff will escort the family and baby to their car when leaving the hospital.