Correct Your Selfie

Wednesday, January 13, 2016
Correct Your Selfie

Stand in the mirror and take a selfie. Now straighten up! Your posture that is. 

Slouching isn’t only bad for your health, it makes you look heavier too. Improve your selfie and your health by practicing better posture! The more you practice, the less it’ll feel awkward. As you develop stronger muscles, good posture and train your body it will feel more natural and become a habit.

Head to Toe Posture Checklist:

  1. Feet
    • Feet shoulder width apart
    • Toes forward
    • Weight evenly distributed on the “foot triangles of support”
    • Press feet into the floor
  2. Knees
    • “Soft” knees, avoid locking knees
  3. Hips/gluteals
    • Perform a kegal
    • Pretend you are squeezing a pillow with your inner thigh muscles
  4. Abdomen
    • Lengthen the space between the top of your pelvis and bottom of the rib cage
    • Draw your belly button in towards your backbone (your pelvis should NOT move)
  5. Chest
    • Lift breast bone up
  6. Chin
    • Pretend you are being pulled up by the scruff of your neck – lengthen the back of your neck and spine
    • Or pretend that you are carrying a grapefruit between your chin and chest
  7. Head
    • Lift your head and get your head as far away from the floor as you can
    • Pretend you are 2 inches taller

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