Dr. Joni Buechler Shares Her Journey to Prairie Lakes Cancer Center with KXLG

Thursday, December 08, 2022
Joni Buechler, MD- Radiation Oncologist
Joni Buechler, MD- Radiation Oncologist

Dr. Joni Buechler recently joined KXLG and shared her incredible journey to the Prairie Lakes Cancer Center

After growing up in a very small, rural town in North Dakota, becoming a doctor was never on Dr. Buechler's radar until she got into the healthcare industry first as an x-ray technician, then becoming a nurse. As a nurse, she eventually felt a nudge from above to become a doctor and never looked back. After years of sacrificing her time to follow her dream, she now feels like she is right where she is meant to be - caring for cancer patients at Prairie Lakes Cancer Center. 

As a Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Buechler feels it's important to treat patients locally in order to minimize the driving time for daily treatments along with providing local support for any side effects or cancer-related issues that may arise. She looks forward to getting to know her patients and their families and helping them to understand their treatment plan and feel comfortable with next steps. 

Having family in the area, Dr. Buechler feels right at home in the Watertown area and enjoys the "community" feeling at Prairie Lakes Healthcare System. 

Listen to the entire interview below and hear about Dr. Buechler's plans for the future of Prairie Lakes Cancer Center. 

You may schedule an appointment with Dr. Buechler by calling the Prairie Lakes Cancer Center at 605-882-6800. A referral is not required to schedule an appointment.


Dr. Joni Buechler Shares Her Journey to Prairie Lakes Cancer Center with KXLG
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