Helping Athletes Be Their Best

Tuesday, August 04, 2020
Helping Athletes Be Their Best

Keeping yourself in good physical condition is an important part of competing in sports and enjoying recreation activities. Physical therapists and Athletic Trainers work together at Prairie Lakes Rehabilitation Services to help student athletes be their best.

"A physical therapist with a special interest in sports medicine often evaluates and treats active individuals who have been injured," said Tyler Turbak, Doctor of Physical Therapy. "These athletes may have had an operation and are facing a period of rehabilitation, or have a minor injury that requires an expert in recovery and need return to activity/sport recommendations. In regards to Watertown’s student athletes, once they have moved beyond the recovery phase and are preparing to soon return to their sport, we often team with Athletic Trainers, Michelle and Jeff. They take them through the prescribed workouts and give them additional 1 on 1 time outside of the clinic to achieve goals at a faster pace."

"We also team up with Michelle and Jeff to help prevent injuries and enhance athletic performance through sport specific exercise prescription and programming," Tyler continued. "One example is a 6-week injury prevention class titled ACL C.A.M.P. (Coaching Athletes Movement Principles) that was developed as a way to decrease injury risk, strengthen specific muscle groups, and coordinate movement and jumping."

"Active participation and team work between physical therapists and athletic trainers is also seen during sporting events. Sports medicine physical therapists may be seen treating athletes in the athletic training room at the school or on the sidelines for sporting events.”

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