Mellowing Mindfulness

Friday, October 02, 2020
Mellowing Mindfulness

If you feel excess stress and anxiety creeping into your day, try taking a step back and resetting your mind with these exercises. Discover which one works best for you.

Pay attention: Slow down and experience the things that are going on around you.

Be nice to yourself: Say to yourself what you would say to your friend that was feeling the way you are.Focus on your Breath: Take a 10 long deep breathes, counting each one out as you exhale.

Bring yourself to the present: Take a deep breath. Think of 5 things you can see. Think of 4 things you can feel. Think of 3 things you can hear. Think of 2 things you can taste. Think of 1 thing you can small. Take a deep breath.

Loosen your body: Sit down with your back straight, feet flat on the floor, hands on your lap, and your eyes closed. Take a deep breath. Tense up your body parts individually as you inhale slowly and then relax it as you exhale. Start with your toes...feet...calves...thighs...butt...abs...shoulders… fists...mouth. Take another deep breath.

Written by Human Service Agency
Last modified on Friday, October 02, 2020