The Acid Reflux Center at Prairie Lakes is Here for You!

Thursday, February 09, 2023
Acid Reflux Center at Prairie Lakes
Acid Reflux Center at Prairie Lakes

Have you been up at night with heartburn and can't get a good night's sleep? Occasional indigestion after enjoying a spicey dish is fairly common. However, chronic pain and discomfort making it difficult to live your ordinary life may mean there is something more serious going on and it's time to get some help.

Prairie Lakes Healthcare System is proud to offer services to manage the care of patients with acid reflux. Patients can make appointments with the Acid Reflux Center at Prairie Lakes today by calling the Prairie Lakes Specialty Clinic at 605-882-7777.

The Acid Reflux Center is an option for those suffering from heartburn or acid reflux to receive diagnosis and treatment. Acid reflux specialists Dr. Gerrish and Dr. Schaeffer are dedicated to expand acild reflux services for community members suffering with this condition. Treatment is tailored to each patient’s need and could start with simple measures like diet changes.

Advanced solutions are available to diagnose disorders like chronic acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Technology like the Bravo™ Reflux Testing System and ManoScan™ ESO high-resolution manometry system is available through The Acid Reflux Center. This technology allows for a more accurate diagnosis, leading to better treatment. Additionally, Dr. Gerrish and Dr. Schaeffer are trained in a new treatment option called the LINX® System.

PLHS Gerrish and Schaeffer LINX hThe LINX® System is a treatment option for patients with chronic acid reflux or GERD. It is a small, flexible ring of magnetic, titanium beads placed around a patient’s existing weak esophageal sphincter. The beads pull together to inhibit reflux by helping to close the esophageal sphincter and restore the body’s natural reflux barrier. For eating, swallowing, belching, or vomiting, the beads expand and separate to allow passage.

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Recently, Beth Schmeling, RN from the General Surgery Center spoke with KXLG about the Prairie Lakes Acid Reflux Center. 


Beth Schmeling, RN Speaks with KXLG about the Prairie Lakes Acid Reflux Center